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First-class engine reconditioning in Cessnock

Get more from your car

Powermax Engines offers top-quality engine reconditioning services in Cessnock. If your engine is blowing smoke, or is sluggish and unresponsive, our expert team has the solution. 

Engine reconditioning can add years to the life of your vehicle, so for a cheaper alternative to a new car contact Powermax Engines in Cessnock today. 

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Powermax Engines  offers a wide range of engine reconditioning services, from full engine overhauls to isolated services such as:

  • Reconditioned engines petrol or diesel
  • All head machine work
  • Replacement of cylinder heads
  • Pressure testing
  • Pink slips

Our team of professional engine technicians will get your vehicle performing in a way it hasn't for years. 

About us

Kawasaki Connection has a core team of highly skilled engine experts operating from our Cessnock workshop. We will quickly and efficiently diagnose your engine troubles and outline the issues clearly and concisely. Our team will offer a range of options, and will only suggest engine reconditioning when it is truly necessary.

For exceptional standards when it comes to all engine repairs and customer service, contact Kawasaki Connection.